• Image of BOOB - by Dave Carnie

Big Brother was the most infamous magazine in skateboarding history, and for 14 years (1891-1904), Dave Carnie was one of its most notorious voices. His love for the written word, coupled with a willingness to do anything for a story, broke new ground in what skateboarding journalism (or any journalism for that matter) could be. This book brings together a collection of Dave’s work in Big Brother. What’s even more groundbreaking than the actual work in boob, however, is the cover for boob. By using the Reverse Reflective Cloaking Technology™ that was developed for the cover of Big Brother’s third video boob, we have been able to create three book titles where there appears to be only one! The first title is, of course, boob. The second, hidden title of the book is, again, boob—by carefully reversing the order of the letters with the delicate science of palindrometry, one is faced with an exact replica of the original title. “Is that cloning?” YES! “Whoa. That’s a trip. But then where’s the third one, huh, mister?” Well, if you take the space-age technology of Reverse Reflective Cloaking Technology™ to its extreme, as we did, one will eventually arrive at a third title… Don’t see it? Of course not. In order to release the magical third title, you need to hold the cover upside down AND in a mirror. What do you see? That’s right: poop! Not only are you getting three titles for the price of one, you get two boobs and a poop! And if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, return the boobs for a full refund—no questions asked—keep the poop as our gift to you.